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About i-Risk

i-Risk Group is a strategy and risk management organisation that provides a full suite of integrated & end to end enterprise risk management (ERM) services and capability to global enterprises to enable them to create and protect their value.

i-Risk Group, formerly the Business Resilience Group, has operated globally for over 15 years. We provide a professional interface with organisations that would like to deal with a single organisation providing teams of motivated professional consultants and practitioners but do not wish to use the major management consultancies.

The volatility and turbulence of today’s business setting – and the increasing uncertainty of tomorrow’s – is such that organisations need to be able to anticipate, accept and manage the risks and opportunities that this uncertainty brings, whilst continually adapting in response to the changing environment.

i-Risk Group can help. Our aim is to extend your organisation’s journey from value protection to value creation in the face of this uncertainty. This is based on a partnership that combines foresight with risk and insight with action, to deliver results today that will endure tomorrow – moving beyond survival to sustainable performance.




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Why work with us?

Ti-Risk Group is committed to helping clients solve complex problems. This commitment shapes our individual and joint professional practices. Through its network of alliance partners i-Risk Group has global reach and specialist expertise in areas affecting enterprise risk management and for use in tackling the ‘wicked’ challenges facing today’s organisations. We provide the key to success.

i-Risk Ability

ERM is a journey but how do you know that the development of your ERM capability and capacity is on the right path.


If your business manages risk you know that effective risk management is directly linked to better results and overall success.


i-Risk Group provides an integrated suite of innovative products that will help you develop, deliver and sustain ERM practices in your organisation.

i-Risk mentor

Based on our experience working with leading organizations, we know training alone is never enough to be able to implement a new management approach with technical excellence.

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